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Syria Trip [2009]


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Jamia Azhar Award


This site is about the life and works of the great Sufi and Scholar of Islam, Grand Mufti of India, The Crown of Islamic Law, The Jurist of Islam, Leader of the 'Ulama, A True Guide in Tariqah, The Official Representative of the Ghaus and Mujaddid of this era-Mufti-e-A'zam, the Muslim Chief Justice,

Mufti Mohammed Akhtar Raza Khan Qadri Azhari

Jamiatur-Raza [Centre of Islamic Studies]


Jamiatur-Raza was initiated by Hudur Taajush Shari'ah. It is a remarkably advanced educational institution with high excellent standards in education in various fields of knowledge catering for both the the secular and spiritual needs. This educational institute is supervised by Shazaade-Taajush Shari'ah, Maulana Muhammad Asjad Rida Khan Qadri Barkaati. [complete web site http://www.jamiaturraza.com/]

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Taajush Shari'ah conferred the Jamia Azhar Award in 2009. 





About Taajush Shari'ah


Shaykh Akhtar Raza Khan Azhari

a) is a scholar, a Mufti and one who possesses immense knowledge “Allama” of the Shari’ah
b) is a tireless teacher of the Islamic sciences, valuing time and teaching throughout his travels
c) has excellent command on the Arabic language and translation skills

d) is beloved to the Ulama of the Arab world and has been received with warm hearts and love
e) produces works in various scholarly disciplines which have brought immense benefit to the Ahlus-Sunnah
f) is not just a scholar of the outward sciences but a man of Allah whose presence is awe-filling and a person of karaamat
g) is on the manhaj of the Ahlus-Sunnah Wa al-Jama’ah
h) is well-known in India and its people of the Ahlus-Sunnah




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for live recordings of Taajush Shari'ah from Madinah Shareef, Bareilly Shareef, Mumbai, Jeddah, South Africa ....

100's of hours of Questions and Answers available to download.

Comparison of various translations of the Glorious Qur'an.

Sharah of Qasidah Burdah in Arabic.

You may send your Questions to AsjadRazaKhan@gmail.com ... Questions can be asked in Arabic, Urdu and English languages.

Dars of Sahih al-Bukhari Sharif with Taaj al-Shariah Mufti Akhtar Rida al-Qadiri Hafidhahullahu Ta'ala goes On-Air from Mondays to Saturdays at 10:00pm - 2200 IST (India Standard Time i.e. GMT +5:30).






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