Verdict of Shariah on the Use of the Microphone in Salaah



Huzoor, What do the Ulema-e-Haqq have to say with regard to the following issue:-

1. Zaid says that Huzoor Mufti-e-Azam Hind (radi Allahu anhu) said that the Imaam who intentionally puts his voice into the microphone for the purpose of leading Salaah then the Salaah itself will not be accepted.The question is, is this statement of Zaid correct or not? Please explain fully. 


2. If the Imaam's Salaah is invalidated by him putting his voice into the microphone, then will the Jamaat's Salaah be invalid as well?

I beg your forgiveness for causing any disrespect to your honoured self.


Jazakumullah Khair

Was Salaam 


Brother Ghulam Shamshuddeen Ahmad

6-7 California Street

Crosby 2000


South Africa

I8 May 2 000 




With virtue to the question posed, the Ruling is as follows: 


1. Yes. 


2. Yes. 


For a detailed explanation, peruse the attached verdict. 


Wallahu Ta'ala Alam. 


[Mufti] Mohammed Akhtar Raza Khan Qadri Azhari

Harare Zimbabwe

19 May 2000

Verdict of Shariah on the Use of the Microphone in Salaah



What do the Ulema-e-Deen advise on performing Salaah behind the loudspeaker as I attend the local Masjid that has the mike system and the Imam is Sunni? 


A detailed reply will be much appreciated. 


May Allah reward the Honourable Mufti Saheb. 


Sayed Abdul Aziz


South Africa

20 April 2000 




I have to say in regard with the usage of the microphone during the performance of Salaah that it is not legitimate to use the microphone during Salaah as it is necessary that the Muqtadies must hear the original voice of the Imaam. The voice, which has been heard from the microphone, is not the original voice of Imaam but it is something different, although it resembles the Imaam's voice. That is why the Ulema say unanimously that if somebody hears the Aayat-e-Sajdah from an echo of the bird, it is not obligatory (Waajib) to perform Sajdaye Tilawat. 


Therefore, the performance of Salaah on the microphone is either incorrect (Fasid) certainly of somebody who is relying on the voice of the microphone and neither hearing the voice of Imaam nor observing the Muqtadies in front of him or it is suspected to be incorrect (Fasid) in case the microphone fails to convey voice of Imaam because in this case the position of the Imaam is uncertain as people would not know whether their Imaam is still carrying on Salaah or he finished it. Beside this, if the microphone needs lots of action from the Imaam to pass over his voice to the microphone, then the Salaah of both the Imaam and the Muqtadies is incorrect (Fasid). 


Hence, you can know how much of foresight is important during Salaah. That is why the circumspect Ulema like Mufti-e-Azam Hind and others prohibit the usage of microphone during the performance of Salaah. Before ending I have to say that you never renounce the Jamaat, if you get proper Sunni Muslim pious and able Imaam and to prevent incorrection (Fasad) of Salaah, you can stand just behind the Imaam or anywhere in the forward line or wherever your place is not relying on the voice of microphone but observing the action of Muqtadies. It is because of the importance of Jamaat so it must not be given up if a proper Sunni, pious and able Imam is available. Wallahu Ta' ala Alam. 


[Mufti] Mohammed Akhtar Raza Khan Qadri Azhari

Markazi Darul Ifta

82 Saudagran Bareilly Shareef