Khomeini and Shia'ism



In Erasmia there is a Mosque bearing the name "Sayyidina Abu Bakr Mosque". On the sacred day of Friday, a huge colour portrait of Khomeini was conspicuously displayed at its entrance. In fact, this Mosque is publicly being used to promote views of Khomeini and Shia'ism. On many ocassions, scholars and speakers from overseas, who gave Khomeini the status of Islamic leader, are invited to address Muslims in an effort to promote Shia? propaganda. This has resulted in many uneducated and simple-minded Muslims accepting these Khomeini-orientated speakers as their leaders. This status quo is still maintained despite warning the management of the Mosque of this dangerous practice through a hand delivered letter and pamphlets. 


In the light of Shari'ah, clarity is sought in respect of the under-mentioned questions:-

1. Is Khomeini a Believer and can he become a religious guide of Muslims?

2. What is the Ruling of Shari'ah regarding those who accept Khomeini as their religious leader?

3. Is it permissible to display Khomeini's portrait at the entrance of the Mosque at the time of Friday prayer?

4. Should the above-mentioned Mosque, which is being used for the promotion of Shia? beliefs activities, be declared as ?Imambara? or should it be allowed to maintain the name of Sayyidina Abu Bakr Mosque?

5. If the present management do not change the name of the Masjid and continue with their above-mentioned activities, then is it permissible for the Muslims to offer Salaah in it? Would it be proper for Muslims to send their children to Madressa and school under their control?

6. Despite efforts to restrain the management of this Mosque from refraining from promoting their activities and views, if they still continue to maintain their status quo, what should the attitude and relationship of the general Muslims be with them? 

Was Salaam 


Sunni Action Committee (Laudium and Erasmia Branch)

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South Africa 




1. As you know and every Sunni Muslim knows that Khomeini was the leader of the Shia?. Shia? are no more Muslim. They are certainly apostate and struck off the circle of Islam due to their wrong tenets and beliefs, which are contrary to Islam.


I would like to put up here the categorical diction of Aala Hadrat Maulana Shah Ahmad Raza Khan Sahib Qadri (alaihir Rahma) from the unique book Al Motamad. According, he says as follows: 


(Al Mustanidul Motamad, pg. 241) 


i.e. all Shia's comprising their Mujtahid Ulemas and illiterates and men and women expressed that the Quran is incomplete, the Holy Sahaba have lessened it as they dropped out some Suras and Ayat from Quran and they clearly declared the proficiency of Hazrat Ali (radi Allahu anhu) and sacred Imaams of Ahle Bait above the former Messengers of Allah. You can't find anyone of Shia free from these false beliefs. Morever, they consider such an entity who issues an order and regrets thereafter to he a God. According, Aala Hadrat (alaihir Rahma) says in his Fatawa as follows: 


(Fatawa Razvia, Vol. 1, pg. 743) 


In the light of the foregoing, you can know the rule of Islam regarding apostate Khomeini. Wallah Ta'ala Aalam. 


2. They are apostate like him. Wallah Ta'ala Aalam. 


3. Not at all. Wallah Ta'ala Aalam. 


(4.5.6.) It is an Imambara definitely. Wallah Ta'ala Aalam. It is not permissible to perform Salaah in such a place. Children must he kept away from their reach and guardians must avoid sending them to the Madrasa or school of Shia's. Sunni Muslims must keep away from them to save their Imaan. Wallah Ta'ala Aalam. 


[Mufti] Mohammed Akhtar Raza Khan Qadri Azhari

Markazi Darul Ifta

S2 Saudagran Bareilly Shareef

2 April 2000