"Ignorant" Sunnis Praying Salaah behind Wahabis



In this time, we find many Sunni's who due to (a) ignorance (b) some personal grievance (c) for so called convenience, etc. pray Salaah behind Wahabis (not knowing their actual Aqeeda). 

1. If such a person dies, can his Janaza be prayed by a Sunni? 

2. Can the Nikah of such a person be performed by a Sunni? 

24 July 2000

Moulana Muhammed Afthab Cassim






What does it mean "ignorance"? The questioner should have been explained it first of all. However, if ignorance means that the person did'nt know the rule of Shari'ah regarding the performance of Namaaz behind the Wahabi Imaam, in this case whoever performs Namaaz behind Wahabi knowingly is sinful and if he considers the Wahabi Imaam as Muslims then he is most sinner like him and he is no longer Sunni. In this case the performance of Janaza Namaaz of such a person is forbidden totally. 


The answer to the rest of the conditions is the same as afore said. It is illegitimate to perform Nikah of such a person if he considers Wahabi as a Muslim, otherwise the performance of Nikah is allowed, i.e. if he is Sunni and doesn't have false beliefs and doesn?t regard Wahabis as Muslims. 


[Mufti] Mohammad Akhtar Raza Khan Qadiri Azhari

31 July 2000