The Beard


In the light of Islamic Law clarity is sought from the learned Ulama regarding the under-mentioned issues:

1. Some Huffaz keep the beard prior to Ramadan so as to make Imaamat for Taraweeh Salaah. As soon as Ramadan is over they shave their beard. In spite of caution and warning against their evil practice, they do not refrain from it. Under such circumstances, is their Imaamat valid for Taraweeh?

2. Is such an excuse appropriate in Shari'ah that in our area and locality there is no other Huffaz available besides them. Therefore, Taraweeh Salaah behind them is permissible. However, in those very Mosques, Imaams from other cities, in fact from other countries, are being brought on the grounds that suitable Imaams are not available from the local population. But the unavailability of religiously suitable Huffaz from the local areas is being used as an excuse to justify appointing those very Huffaz as Imaams for Taraweeh. Is such a practice permissible in the light of Shari'ah?

Ebrahim Carrim
Chairman Masjid Comuiittee
Pretoria Muslim Trust
29 September 1999


1. Definitely no.

2. Certainly no.


[Mufti] Mohammed Akhtar Raza Khan Qadri Azhari
Markazi Darul Ifta
82 Saudagran
Bareilly Shareef